Changing the way the built world thinks about alarms, unplanned work, and risk.

Virtual Facility helps critical facilities teams make data-driven decisions on alarms and expedite efficient work to reduce operational risk.

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Optimize Labor Impact

Dispatch and manage alarm-driven work to maximize workforce efficiency, reduce wasted spend, and deliver customer satisfaction

Data-Backed Performance Management

Stop managing to work order closure. Start managing to work order outcome. Leverage out-of-the-box insights on labor accountability, effectiveness, and asset management

Manage Risk

Prevent high-risk events from ballooning into major business impacts. Reduce downtime before it even occurs

Facility Alarm Management and Workflow Automation Software

Alarm overload and workforce shortages shouldn’t hold you back from proactive maintenance

Alarm Management

Juggling a dozen different BAS systems holds you back. We integrate all of your disparate alarm systems and surface and prioritize alarms based on business impact, cutting out nuisance alarms and eliminating alarm fatigue in the process

Workflow Automation

Our alarm-driven workflow automation technology ties alarms to work, dispatches work orders through your existing work order system, and ensures alarm events are resolved more effectively across your institution


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Stay on top of critical issues.
Let us handle the work.

Never be blindsided by critical events again. Stop worrying about nuisance alarms, alarm response times, and getting to more proactive maintenance. We have you covered.






Fewer Nuisance Alarms

Put Alarms to Work.

Leverage alarm-driven work to respond more quickly and prevent negative business impacts.

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