Are you managing facility operations cohesively and efficiently?

We know that decentralized data is both challenging to find and costly to leverage. You thread the needle managing multiple vendors, here-and-gone consultants, and your own resources, burning precious time and capital reacting vs. mitigating.


Virtual Facility enables proactive and predictive management

We connect accurate, real-time, and data-driven intelligence with your operational workflow, driving both insight and accountability to keep operations accurate, safe, and lean.

Everything your team needs

Centrally manage
your data in a single solution

Modern, Safe, & Secure
No Hardware Required

Quick Start
Rapid & transparent integration process

Decentralized Management
Painless onboarding of all users

Straight-forward, economical pricing that puts the customer first

100% Satisfaction,
24/7 Customer Support

Introducing Alarm Triage.


Virtual Facility's cloud-based alarm management system, Alarm Triage, centralizes your entire facility's alarm events into a single view, enabling data-driven decisions that immediately and sustainably improve operations.


Calm the Chaos

Custom Lenses create focus, limit noise, and drive alarm resolution


Nuisance Alarms

Eliminate noise that buries underlying issues and blocks critical events


Track Historical Work

Enable lookback to identify trends and anomalies


Dashboards & Analytics

Actionable insights for executives, managers and operators


Put Data to Work

Automatically dispatch work orders from critical events


Remote Operations

Empower mobile on-the-go alarm management

Overlay existing systems and deploy to your needs

Activate our intelligence products, and drive clarity and focus, or deploy our workflow management tools to dispatch and resolve issues. Use both and move toward a predictive, and proactive operational workflow.

We don’t replace your existing systems, we make them a smarter for you. Best of all, you can evaluate the power of Virtual Facility with your own real-time data quickly and simply with our trial offer.

Facility Operations

Centralized facility alarm management to promote proactive and efficient operations.

Capital Projects

Empower PM, contractors, and CxA to deliver their best.

Maintenance Departments

Proactive tools for internal and external personnel. Solve Better Problems.


Powerful insight and tools to enrich service offerings to customers.