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At Virtual Facility, you will work with some of the most dedicated product engineers, designers, and thought leaders to change how facility management operates. From machine learning engineering, to product design, to sales and customer success positions - we're looking for talent to fulfill a diverse range of roles, take risks, have fun, and view our colleagues as teammates and friends.


Working at Virtual Facility

At Virtual Facility, we believe that in order to make a great company, we must discover and unleash the potential of passionate people, while keeping pointed at one North Star. We look for people who look for challenges, who have a desire to learn 24x7 and yearn to actually make a difference in a company's trajectory and its customers. There is no one unicorn who will make or break our potential. We are a strategically woven set of experiences and thinkers who are changing an archaic industry together by motivating each other to grow as individuals and problem solvers to deliver a technology that enables A Better Way to Work.

"We look for people who look for challenges, who have a desire to learn 24x7 and yearn to actually make a difference in a company's trajectory and its customers."
Mark, CEO


Our Diversity Makes Us Strive

At Virtual Facility, we are a human centric organization that strives to create an inclusive workplace that promotes and values diversity. Diversity of people, thought, and skills. It's not just our way of thinking, research shows that diverse teams foster a stronger and more creative environment that drives innovation and produces better results. We welcome, support and celebrate people of different backgrounds, talents, experiences, and knowledge.

"One of the things that attracts me to Virtual Facility is its diverse team. I value working for a company that's not only industry transforming but also reflects the diverse backgrounds of those we serve."
Megan, EA


Perks and Benefits

Remote Work

Here at Virtual Facility, we are a fully remote operation. With no commute, no lunch rush, and no long hours in the office away from family or friends, working remotely offers all employees the flexibility to unleash the potential of passionate people, and the opportunity to work from the comfort of their own homes.

Work-Life Balance

Though we are a fast growing "start-up", we believe that in order to bring your best self to work, quality time outside of the office is imperative to the success of our institution. Sure long hours are needed occasionally to achieve timely short-term results and make progress to the opportunity at hand, but we actively try to balance that with the long game in mine. That's why we offer flexible PTO and encourage team members to take time off when the team can pick them up so they can come back energized and focused.

We Value People's Potential

The people who work here are smart, innovative, and unafraid of failure. We encourage failure as we view it as an opportunity to learn from mistakes and to recover quickly enabling both personal and professional growth. Unleashing potential of individuals ultimately unleashes the potential of the company. People are our critical path to becoming a unicorn.

"Working at Virtual Facility has been challenging and has pushed me to be a more creative and flexible designer."
Melody Ting, UX


Changing the Game

At Virtual Facility, we are on a war path to transform the facilities management space. To bring efficiency, effectiveness and impact at every level within the organization, by empowering people with the resources and intelligence they need to execute their responsibilities and make better, faster, and easier data driven decisions.

"Machine Learning, Microservices, Cloud, … take your pick. You will be touching something new when working at Virtual Facility."
Avi Pilly, Software Engineer


Think Big

We are a team of leaders and decision makers here at Virtual Facility. We work agile and deliver quickly, so someone who thrives in a fast-paced environment will do best here. Employees are encouraged to think on their feet, adapt quickly, and work autonomously.